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Sikinos: Authentic Cycladic beauty

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A typical Cycladic island, one of the smallest of the complex, Sikinos is located on the so-called “non-profit line”, between Ios and Folegandros and promises its visitors days of relaxation and slow-living.

The rocky, arid landscape combined with the deep blue of the sea and the blazing light of the Aegean, create a scene of wild beauty, or according to the poet Odysseus Elytis "a symbol of authentic Greece".  

You will love Sikinos for its wonderful beaches, its unspoiled natural beauty, the hiking trails dominated by flora and fauna protected by the Natura 2000 program and the fact that the island is not a mass tourist destination.

Discover this small Cycladic island, ideal for those seeking a quiet, tended destination, combining authenticity, tradition and nature.

Routes & Attractions

On a vertical cliff, 280 meters above the sea, stands Chora of Sikinos, one of the most authentic settlements of the Cyclades, consisting of two districts: the 15th-century Castle and the modern Chorio. Stroll the scenic whitewashed alleys with the beautiful stone-built mansions, the picturesque churches, the windmills, the traditional cafes, and grocery stores, surrounded by blooming bougainvilleas and jasmine.

Walk up to Kastro to enjoy the sunset from the church of Pantanassa, built in 1787, with the characteristic blue dome, the gilded wood-carved altar, and the amazing post-Byzantine icons of the Cretan School.

The courtyard of the historic monastery of Zoodochos Pigi in Chora, which seems to hang on the edge of a cliff, offers unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea. It is an exquisite sample of fortification architecture dating back to 1690 with ramparts, crypts, secret passages, high walls, and a heavy wooden door.

Discover the tradition of Sikinos by visiting the Folklore Museum, housed in an old olive mill in Chorio; its collection includes old agricultural tools, household utensils and traditional olive oil production equipment.

Visit the Monastery of Episkopi, which was originally a Roman mausoleum of the 3rd century and in the 17th century was converted into a domed Christian church, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Admire the monumental monastery complex consisting of Byzantine chapels, underground vaulted crypts, ruins of ancient buildings, monastic cells, and fragments of marble statues.

Discover the hinterland of Sikinos, hiking the paths that cross the island, where you will see remnants of ancient settlements, Byzantine churches, dry stone walls, terraces, old barns and sheepfolds, distant beaches, caves, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Hike to the elegant chapel of Panagia Pantohara (2011), with breathtaking views. The chapel was a donation and one of the last wishes of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseas Elytis, which is why it is also known as "the chapel of Elytis".

Beaches & Activities

Next to the port is popular Alopronia, a large sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for children, equipped with water sports facilities, umbrellas, benches, restaurants and cafes, and natural shade from the tamarisks.

The most beloved beach of the island is Agios Georgios, a picturesque bay overlooking the rocky islet of Avolada, with coarse sand, fine pebbles, tamarisks, and turquoise waters. The beach has wicker umbrellas for shade, and a taverna.

Dialiskari, a bay with crystal turquoise waters, is accessible by a dirt road that takes you to a small beach of wild Cycladic beauty, with wide sandy stretch, small pebbles, tamarisk trees offering natural shade and some umbrellas.

Following the path from Alopronia or coming from the sea, you will reach the bay of Agios Panteleimonas, with the small namesake beach with pebbles, turquoise waters, and a small cave that offers natural shade.

In the south-eastern part of the island you will find the small beach of Santorineika, which is accessible through a path from the bay of Agios Panteleimonas or by boat. The beach is not organized, it is surrounded by rocks and has sand, pebbles and turquoise waters. Its name comes from the boats from Santorini that used to dock here to load agricultural and building products of Sikinos.

Set out on a tour of the island and discover inaccessible beaches (Karas, Malta, Ai Giannis) and enchanting small caves, such as the Black Cave, under the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, one of the largest in the Cyclades.

Tastes of the island

Local recipes of the island include rooster braised in wine sauce served with pasta, stuffed goat and rabbit with potatoes in the oven, as well as appetizers such as pickled bulbs and sea fennel, fava balls, caper salad, purazenes (stuffed leaves of wild greens), pies (with anthotyro cheese or with onion and sour milk). Accompany your dishes with one of the excellent local wine varieties.

For dessert, try the famous "diagurenia" (watermelon juice, flour, honey and sesame), watermelon spoon sweet and donuts with local thyme honey.

Traditions & Events

In small Sikinos of few permanent residents, festivals are held for the great religious celebrations, such as the 15th of August, which is honoured in the temple of Pantanassa, the island Metropolis, followed by a feast with food, drinking and dancing, where all visitors are invited.

In the summers, exhibitions, performances and concerts are held, as well as cultural festivals with film and audio-visual screenings, such as the Little Islands Festival and the Documentary Days Festival.

Don’t miss...

Get to know Sikinos' viticulture by visiting the island's only winery. Its model ecological vineyard operates exclusively on renewable energy sources, reviving the lost ancient vineyard of Sikinos. Enjoy the panoramic vista of the Aegean Sea from the vineyard’s taste, an unforgettable view you’ll always want to come back to!

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