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The last true paradise of the Aegean

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An island complex of unique natural beauty, with a lacy coastline, rocky reefs, secret bays, and sea passages that resemble the fjords, the ideal hiding places for pirate ships in the Middle Ages. Fournoi, or "Corsei Islands", named after the corsairs who operated here, are today the base for those seeking tranquillity and contact with unspoiled nature.

Only two islands are inhabited in this large cluster that stands as the last true paradise of the Aegean, southwest of Samos and east of Ikaria: Fourni, the largest island in the complex, and Thymaina.

Fournoi, the islands of fishermen and beekeepers, are a pole of attraction for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts, as they are surrounded by a marine ecosystem of rare biodiversity, that is part of the NATURA 2000 network.

Immerse into an unprecedented experience of alternative holidays in a secluded land, with blue waters, tamarisks to the shoreline, amazing seafood, traditional settlements, and relaxed living.

Routes & Attractions

Kampos, the Chora of Fournoi, is ideal for walks in the picturesque, cobbled streets with mulberry trees and traditional white houses with blue windows. In the central square of Agios Nikolaos with the Roman marble sarcophagus, you will enjoy coffee and handmade sweets in traditional cafes under the perennial plane tree. Here you will also find small shops with local products, tavernas and pastry shops.

Very close to Chora, is the village of Kampi, where you’ll see the slope with the three windmills and enjoy the view of the namesake bay with turquoise waters.

Visit the amphitheatrical, picturesque fishing village of Chrysomilia, with its wonderful beaches and fish tavernas. Here you’ll also find the archaeological site of the hill of Agia Triada, dotted with marble pieces that testify to the existence of a Hellenistic tower and a sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon.

Stop at the ancient Roman marble quarry located in Petrokopi Bay. There you will see scattered unfinished marble pieces in various shapes and sizes such as an archaic Ionic capital, column parts, cuboids, and cubes. It is said that pieces of marble were used for the construction of architectural monuments of neighbouring Ancient Ephesus.

At a height of 180 meters is the hill of Ai Georgis, with the findings (inscriptions) of the ancient acropolis of Corsei, which offers an impressive view of the settlement of Fourni, Thymena and Alatsonisi.

In Koumara you will discover an evergreen area of pine and arbutus trees, but also the oldest church of the island, the church of Evangelistria (18th century).

Beaches & Activities

Among the most popular beaches of Fourni is Kampi which combines fine sand, coarse pebbles, tamarisks and calm turquoise waters in a sheltered bay. It has umbrellas, sunbeds, tavernas and shops.

In Chrysomilia, on the north side of the island, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Fourni with fine sand and shallow waters.

Enjoy peaceful moments on the large, pebbled beach of Petrokopio, located near the ancient quarries of Fourni. The white rocks that reach the sea divide the beach into three smaller bays, with crystal-clear blue waters. Access is by a footpath or by sea. Lack of infrastructure means you need to bring all necessary supplies with you. There are only few tamarisks offering natural shade on one of the three beaches.

In the popular and fully organized Psili Ammos you will enjoy diving into wonderful waters from the specially designed platform. The beach bar is open all day playing relaxed music but turns into a club after sunset inviting you to dance by the sea.

At the southern end of Fourni is the beautiful beach of Kasidi, a large and secluded white sandy beach with exotic waters.

In the northeast of the island is the beach of Kamari, which combines sand and pebbles.

Tastes of the island

Fournoi, with its long tradition in fishing, offers excellent quality seafood and fresh fish (sea bream, white mullet, red porgy) dished out in the island’s numerous tavernas and restaurants. Try grilled shrimps and octopus, squid, mussels, clams, delicious kakavia (fish soup) and the famous lobster spaghetti.

Meat lovers should try the local recipe for stuffed goat with rice, fennel and herbs, while the local festivals serve goat in red sauce.

The traditional appetizers of Fournoi include karivoloi (snails), fava pies, koukoumavla (bread with salt and oil), legumes (rice with beans, chickpeas and lentils), soufiko (mixed roasted vegetables in the pot) and pougakia (pies with fennel and mizithra cheese).

Refresh yourself with an aromatic orange juice, the local famous soft drink of Fournoi.

Fourni is famous for its honey, as its special taste comes from the aromatic plants of the island (thyme, savory, sage).

If you love sweets, look for the traditional cookies, the so-called foinikia, gria (pie with honey or sugar or cheese), the katimeria, pieces of fried dough accompanied by myzithra cheese and spoon sweets, such as quince.

Local cheeses include myzithra, ladotyri and kopanisti.

Traditions & Events

Many festivals take place, especially during the summer months in Fournoi. The most popular are the Festival of Agia Marina (17/07) in the Square of the island, with traditional music and feast, the great Festival of the Assumption, in the port of the island, with traditional dances from the local traditional association, live music and an all-night celebration, as well as the Festival of Ai Giannis Thermastis (28/08), on the island of Thimena.

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Take a tour of the archipelago to discover one of the most important habitats in the Mediterranean. Set out for a day trip to the paradise island of Thimena, where you will swim in magical beaches and enjoy fresh seafood in fish tavernas, and marvel at the panoramic views from the chapel of Agios Dimitrios.

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