ANEK makes cargo transportation a pleasant experience. Thanks to the speed and comfort of our modern ships and our special prices, your professional trip will be as enjoyable as a leisure trip. The ANEK cargo department has one goal: to be fully aware of your needs and to satisfy them completely. Travel with us and change your professional trip from an everyday routine to a route of comfort.

  • For reservations please contact one of the Anek Lines Offices or Agencies
  • For the issue of the bill of lading it is mandatory to mention the data of the truck, the transportation company and the type of the cargo
  • Waiting list is carried at the departing port and is served on priority basis
  • Domestic lines are served by passengers’ vessels as well as RO/RO type ships
  • Drivers must check-in at the port ticket offices at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Trailers must check-in at the port ticket offices at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • For the transportation of irregular cargo, it is mandatory to notify in time the cargo department.
  • Any cargo is characterized as irregular when:
  1. The height of the truck is over 4.00 meters
  2. The width of the truck is over 2.60 meters
  3. The maximum weight per axle is over 12 tons
  4. The total weight of the truck plus the cargo is over 40 tons
  • Fares of irregular cargo are arranged after agreement with the Cargo Department
  • Anek Lines has the right to prohibit the transportation of any truck with irregular cargo, if the prerequisites for its safe transportation are not met by the freighter of the truck, if the cargo is hazardous to public health or dangerous for the stability of the ship
  • Transportation of animals is not allowed in the Ancona and Venice line
  • Construction machinery is transported only when carried in trailers
  • For refrigerated trucks there are electrical sockets of 380 volts
  • Anek Lines reserves the right to modify its timetable or fares with no prior notification
  • In the event of a dispute arising from the condition of carriage, it shall be resolved according to the Greek law and the competent authority shall be the court of Chania, Crete
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