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Attica Group publishes the 15th Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2023


Athens, 5 June 2024

Completion of the 3-year

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy 2021-2023

Improved performance by 18.2%

Attica Group published the 15th Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2023, aligned to its commitment to integrate the principles of Responsible and Sustainable Development in the entire range of its business activities and operations. The Report marks the completion of the 3-year Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy for the period 2021 – 2023, reflecting improved performance by 18.2% in the 3 aspects: Environment, Society and Governance.

The Report demonstrates the positive footprint of Attica Group for the year 2023 and sets the pace for the following years, as it includes both the actions and achievements of the Group through 94 GRI disclosures and 360 quantitative indicators, as well as 33 future objectives.

Regarding the Environmental aspect, the fleet’s energy and environmental upgrade alongside the overall reduction of the Group’s environmental footprint on both land and sea, tops the list of priorities.

Over the past years, Attica Group has been implementing a series of environmental investments aiming to achieve a comprehensive plan that includes short-term, medium-term, and long-term targets, which comprise the Group's Decarbonization Roadmap. Specifically, it constitutes a wide range of objectives that are being achieved through a series of targeted actions that extend from altering current operations and schedules and adjusting vessel speed to reduce emissions, up to the point of conducting a study on the use of alternative fuel for newbuild vessels of the Group’s fleet.

Indicatively, for 2023, the broader orientation towards applying better environmental practices that aim to limit the environmental impact to a notable extent, resulted in the reduction of the following:

  • 1% reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emission intensity per nautical mile travelled compared to 2019.
  • 3% reduction in SOx emissions.
  • 4.4% reduction in vessels’ water consumption intensity per passenger.
  • 14.1% reduction in electricity consumption intensity per office employee.

At the same time, 86,3% of the company’s employees attended environmental education programs.

Regarding the Societal aspect, Attica Group aims to create value for all stakeholders whilst supporting local communities in the islands that the Group operates.

During 2023, the Group distributed almost €680.6 million in economic value towards employees, taxes, capital providers, agents, suppliers, society and investments.

Attica Group, the largest employer in the Greek passenger shipping industry, places its employees at the core of its operation and is committed to their continuous training, education and safety. During 2023, the Group proceeded with a 48% increase in training hours.


  • Implementation of health and safety training programs, attended by 100% of the marine employees.
  • Participation of more than 75% of marine employees in upskilling programs.
  • Training of almost 42% of employees on human rights related policies and procedures.

At the same time, the Group empowers female leadership by increasing the participation of women in all management positions, both in offices and vessels, by 8.8% and 37.5% respectively.

During 2023, Attica Group provided support to local communities on all 58 islands related to its transportation routes.

 The 15th Report highlights:

  • 28% increase of the total value of implemented or supported society support programs, as well as, increased total number and value of discount tickets offered by 23% and 28.6% respectively.
  • Continued to implement or support volunteer programs, with over 10% of employees participating in volunteer activities.
  • Allocated 86% of total procurement expenditure to local suppliers.
  • Increased the total procurement expenditure to small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 50 employees) to 24%.

Corporate Governance: putting focus on transparency

Attica Group is strongly committed towards transparency as well as accountability, complies with the applicable legislation and adopts all relevant international best practices and standards.

The first participation in Standard & Poor's Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), one of the most demanding ESG-related criteria assessments, confirmed the Group's efforts as it ranked in the top 25% of companies worldwide within the Transportation and Transportation Infrastructure sector.

Attica Group was the first company in the passenger shipping industry worldwide which followed the GRI Standards guidelines according to Global Reporting Initiative.

The CEO of Attica Group, Mr. Panagiotis Dikaios, stated: "For years, we have been incorporating the Principles of Responsible and Sustainable Development into our actions, carrying out our operations based on specific goals and criteria.

The 3-year Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy 2021 - 2023 closes on a positive note rewarding our efforts and setting the bar even higher. Through the completion of 91 out of 123 defined actions, with significant progress being made in the implementation of the remaining ones, the performance of Attica Group improved by 18.2% compared to the year 2020, in all three pillars: Environment, Society and Governance. Our goal for the next three years is to further improve our responsible operation and integration of ESG principles by 13.6%.

We move forward along with our employees who give their best self every day. Together, we evolve, establishing a Group that redefines the way Greek shipping industry operates."   

You can find the Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2023 here and the Summary here.

About Attica Group

Attica Group, with a long-standing presence in the Greek and international seas, leads the Greek passenger shipping industry and is among the largest shipping companies worldwide.   

Through the brands of Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines, and with a fleet of more than 40 ships, Attica Group connects more than 60 destinations every day, offering modern, high-level transport services in Greece and international routes (Greece – Italy). The Group has also expanded its presence in the tourism sector with the acquisition of 3 hotels in Naxos (2) and Tinos (1).

With a clear commitment towards integrating the principles of sustainable development into its business activity and operations, Attica Group was the first company in the passenger shipping industry worldwide to issue a Responsibility & Sustainability Report in 2009, according to the GRI guidelines.

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