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Beauty and island vibes

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Built on a pine-covered cape of the Argolic peninsula, overlooking the islands of Hydra and Dokos, Ermioni is a captivating seaside town with a vivid cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Although its lush hills “hide” luxurious villas, the town still maintains its island architecture with cobbled streets and wonderful old mansions. With remarkable tourist infrastructure, exciting nightlife, and amazing gastronomic choices, Ermioni offers many exhilarating options to its visitors!

Routes & Attractions

It is worth taking a long walk in the pine-covered Bisti Forest, on the edge of the peninsula. From the top of Pronos hill the view to the sea is magical. On your walk you will find the ruins of ancient temples built in honor of Athena and Poseidon, dating back to the 6th century BC. The ruins are remnants of the notorious Cyclopean cobblestone walls, which formed the perimeter of the ancient acropolis.

Ermioni feels like an island as it is washed by the sea on both sides - Mandrakia in the south and the Port in the north. Mandrakia is the most picturesque area of the town, with active nightlife and a favorite meeting point for young people.

Visit the Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi dating back to the 11th century. Admire the magnificent frescoes of the 17th century Cretan school and the hagiographies of the Byzantine period. The monastery has thermal springs and an excellent library.

It is worth taking a night stroll on the illuminated hill of Krothi, with the picturesque chapel of Agios Gerasimos at the top and the magnificent view of Ermioni peninsula below.

Ideal for exploration, Katafyki Gorge has a river, lush vegetation, and many caves while it connects the city with the picturesque village of Fourni. It is ideal for walking and climbing, while it has been characterized by the Greek state as an "area of special natural beauty and wildlife refuge".

The Historical and Folklore Museum is a reference point in Ermioni. It is housed in a neoclassical, 18th-century, stone-built house and exhibits paintings from the Greek revolution period, weapons of that time, tools used by sponge divers and farmers, as well as traditional costumes from all phases of the local weaving art.

The Toy Museum is an interest visit, with exhibits that focus on children from the first half of the 20th century, with particular emphasis on the 1950s. The museum collection consists of tin toys, dolls, soldiers, and fabric animals as well as musical instruments.

Beaches & Activities

Kouverta, eight kilometers south of the city, is a beautiful small cove, sheltered from the winds, with a sandy, organized beach and deep blue waters. Also known as "Mavronisi", it took its name from a Turkish ship that was burned there during the Greek revolution.

One of the most popular beaches of Ermioni, Maderi, consists of two enchanting bays and has easy access. The beach has fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and, although not very organized, it has a diving center for sports enthusiasts.

A little further, between Ermioni and Porto Heli, Petrothalassa beach is one of the largest in the area. Its idyllic landscape and blue waters make it a pole of attraction for visitors. The beach has both pebbly and sandy spots and is not organized.

With remarkable natural beauty, white sand, shallow waters, and dense vegetation, Lepitsa has a Caribbean feel. It is located just one and a half kilometers west of the picturesque settlement of Koilada. Ideal for families and especially popular with locals, the beach is organized with beach bars and many fish tavernas.

A favorite for those looking for a quieter stay, the pebbled beach of Darviza with its crystal- clear waters, also known as Achladitsa - is organized and just four kilometers from the city center.

Tastes of the island

Famous for its seafood, the seaside town has many fish tavernas that offer delicious appetizers to go with your ouzo. Fresh fish and the combination of seafood with pasta, such as mussel risotto and lobster pasta, are among the most popular local dishes.

Stuffed squid with anthotyro cheese make a delicious dish. Try the goges and striftades, the traditional pasta dishes of Ermioni. The local mizithra is delectable, while the local baked bread is a must.

Don’t miss out on the famous pomegranates from the plain of Ermioni, and the local walnut pie for dessert.

Traditions & Events

In ancient Greek mythology, Hermione was the only daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy. In 1821, the inhabitants of Ermioni had a massive participation in the Greek war of Independence, while in 1827 the Third National Assembly of the newly established Greek state gathered here.

Ermioni has a special custom for the celebration of Epiphany. On the eve, the young people gather at the port, decorate the boats, and then go house to house singing "Giala-Giala" and receiving wishes and treats.

Many events take place every summer in the area. Among them, the traditional island feast of the Cultural Association of Fourni as well as the outdoor screenings of classic and modern films in the squares and courtyards of local churches.

Don’t miss...

Stop at the village of Trachia, one of the oldest settlements in the area between Ermionida and Epidaurus, famous for its traditional cheeses and its steaming kneaded bread. Also visit the green seaside village of Thermisia, to admire the hilltop Venetian castle of the 12th century.

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