What is the ANEK Smart Bonus Card?

ANEK LINES rewards your loyalty through its innovative ANEK Smart Βοnus Plan. Holders of ANEK Smart Bonus Card may collect points, get discounts and free tickets and enjoy exclusive privileges on board.

Learn more about  ANEK Smart Bonus Plan  and register free-of-charge at

Where can I get information on changes in itineraries due to strikes, bad weather conditions etc?

Information on itinerary changes/ cancellations are available online  through the emergency announcements page at.

You may also contact ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department at 0030 210 41 97 400 or the Port Authorities.

Can I send an unaccompanied parcel? What is the cost?

For detailed information on the cost please contact the Central/Port agency located at the port of destination.

Can unaccompanied children travel with ANEK?

Our Company does not accept bookings for children younger than 15 years old if not accompanied by an adult. All underage passengers over the age of 15 may travel unaccompanied provided that they submit to the company a declaration signed by both their parents or their guardians stating that the parents/guardians assume full responsibility for anything that may happen to the children during the voyage or for any damage inflicted by him/her to third parties. The aforementioned declaration should be accompanied by a validation of the parents/guardians’ signature.

The original declaration is issued in 2 copies per route -the first will be presented to the issuing central agency and the second will be kept by the underage passenger throughout the journey.

  • Click here to download the declaration on Italy-Greece and Piraeus-Crete routes.

Declaration forms are available at our Central Agencies.

(Customer Service of ANEK LINES, tel: +30 210 41 97 470, e-mail:

SUPERFAST FERRIES / BLUE STAR FERRIES: tel. +30 210 89 19 010, e-mail:   

In addition, the underage passenger should carry all required travel documents required by the relevant port of destination. The Company does not assume any responsibility whatsoever in case the competent port authorities find those documents to be insufficient.

Can my pet travel with me?

Travelling with pets – On board our vessels there is a number of kennels available, which are necessary to be booked in advance. Furthermore, there is a limited number of cabins available for pet carriage. It is also necessary to reserve these in advance. Unaccompanied pets are not acceptable.
Owners or guardians are required to have their pet’s valid health documents with them while travelling (EU citizens are additionally required to have their EU Pet Passport) and follow all entry regulations.

For all cats, dogs and ferrets a valid rabies immunization document is mandatory. For more information, please always check with your veterinary and your local travel agent. Pets are not allowed indoors (bars, restaurants and other public areas) or in vehicles (unless you have booked camping on board), while access to the vehicle deck is forbidden during crossings. While walking on the open decks, pets are required to wear a muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied by the pet owner or guardian. The pet owner or guardian is held fully responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of the pet and for adhering to all laws and regulations related to the above.

Furthermore, pet owners are solely responsible for any possible harm or damage caused by their animals to any third party. Excluded from the above-mentioned restrictions are animals that guard and assist people with disabilities that may accompany their owners. Owners must hold the appropriate certificates for these animals. Note: Carriage of live animals (other than pets) is governed by the cargo terms and conditions of the Company. For more information, passengers should contact the Customer Service department of the Company.

What services are available for people with disabilities?

People with disabilities enjoy a comfortable trip on board our ships. Our specially designed cabins provide easy access and spacious areas as well as specially designed lavatories. Our ships are equipped with mechanical escalators and elevators for your comfort. Due to the limited number of cabins it is necessary to make a reservation at ANEK LINES Port Agency or at ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department (Tel.: 0030 210 41 97 400). Once aboard please feel free to contact the reception desk for further request.

I lost my tickets! What should I do?

Domestic routes

In case of ticket loss you should purchase a new one in order to travel and before departure you should declare the loss in writing to our Central or Port agency. If within one (1) month from the date of departure ANEK LINES records indicate that the ticket has not been used or replaced then we will give you another ticket of equal value to the one you lost. 

International routes

In case of ticket loss you should inform the agency that has issued the ticket or ANEK LINES. Then you shall receive a ticket at the port following an identity check. Please note that you must have a valid Identity Card or Passport with you to prove that you are the true holder of the ticket. 

Where do ferries depart from?

If you are travelling from the port of Piraeus to Crete, the Cyclades, or the Dodecanese, follow the signs and find your departure gate. The gates serving ANEK LINES ferries are the following:   

Crete Ε3
Cyclades & Dodecanese Ε4

If you are travelling from/to Italy you can find detailed information at the corresponding webpages for the following destinations:

Venice Ancona Bari Igoumenitsa Patras Corfu

How long before departure should I be at the port?

Domestic routes:
(Piraeus – Crete, Piraeus – Cyclades – Crete – Dodecanese) :
At least 30 minutes before departure (travelling without a vehicle)
At least 1 hour before departure (travelling with a vehicle)

International routes:
At least 3 hours before departure

Can I change/ cancel my tickets?

For any changes you should promptly contact our central agencies, your travel agent or ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department at 0030 210 41 97 400 (select 2) . 

Terms and conditions apply. Please check here for more information:

Once aboard, and subject to availability, you may upgrade your ticket by contacting the reception desk.

Where can I collect my tickets?

If you have purchased your tickets through our website or through our Reservations Department you can collect your tickets:

1. At our ticket offices at the port of departure.
2. At all central agencies and port bureaus of ANEK LINES.
3. On domestic routes, you must collect your tickets 1 hour before prior to departure, if travelling with a vehicle, and at least 30 minutes prior to departure if travelling without a vehicle. On international routes, you must collect your tickets 3 hours prior to departure

Can I book my tickets by phone?

Yes, by calling ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department at 0030 210 41 97 400  (select 2)

Where can I buy my tickets?

1. Through our website:
2. By downloading the upgraded ANEK LINES Mobile App from Google Play and App Store.
3. By calling ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department at 0030 210 41 97 400 (select 2) and by using your credit/debit card.
4. At all central agencies and port bureaus of ANEK LINES (link στα σημεία πώλησης).
5. At affiliated travel agencies in Greece and abroad.
6. The above options -excluding affiliated agencies- accept redemption of ANEK Smart points for the purchase of tickets.

What sort of discounts am I entitled to?

You can receive detailed information on the discounts and offers available for the international routes, routes to Crete and to the Aegean Islands at the Offers page.

Adriatic line offers, Creta offers, Aegean line offers

Special discounts and offers are not cumulative. Only the highest discount-offer is granted. A passenger who is entitled to a discount must state so before ticket issuing by presenting all required supporting documents and also during embarkation. No refund is granted after the end of the journey. 

How can I calculate the total cost of my tickets?

The easiest way to calculate the total cost of your tickets is through the ANEK LINES online booking system where you can select all information concerning your reservation (itinerary, number of passengers, vehicles, discounts etc) and receive relevant information on the total cost. Alternatively, you can call ANEK LINES Central Reservations Department at 0030 210 41 97 400 or get in touch with your travel agent.

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