ANEK: 50 years of contribution to coastal shipping, Crete and society.

ΑΝΕΚ LINES, the first Greek multi-shareholder coastal shipping company, was established 50 years ago, when a few visionaries from Crete, decided to take a stance and come up with a solution to the problem of travelling from and to their island.

It started as the wish of the people of Crete, who wanted to travel on modern and safe ships. Up to that time, the term “multi-shareholder” company was not known.

On April 10th, 1967, upon proposal by Konstantinos Archontakis and Ioannis Tzamarioudakis and the undivided support of the then Metropolitan Βishop of Kissamos and Selinos, Reverend Irinaios Galanakis, a few hundred tradesmen, businessmen, pensioners and farmers, were motivated and joined their forces to materialize the bold idea of establishing the first multi-shareholder shipping company in the world.

That is how ANEK began its long journey and how the company operates to this day, thanks to the strength of those people who gave away their savings to fund the company and their very soul to support it and see it grow even in hardship.

The company they were dreaming of had become a reality and moreover, a pioneer in Greek coastal shipping, introducing technological innovations, always aiming at ensuring the safety of its passengers and top quality services aboard.

In the years that followed the establishment of ANEK, the country went through financial and political crisis that led several coastal shipping companies to bankruptcy and termination. During these hard times, ANEK enjoyed the support of both its shareholders and the Cretan people, thus managing to remain strong and grow further.

Keeping a steady course based on its values and vision, the company has evolved, year by year, opening new routes in maritime transports, in Greece and abroad, contributing to the development of its sector, promoting the island of Crete as well as local products, and bringing out the essence of Cretan “philoxenia”.

Throughout its course, in a spirit of responsibility and consistency, ΑΝΕΚ supports vulnerable social groups and stands close to those in need. In the framework of its sponsorship programme, the company continues to support social and environmental bodies, Universities and Sports clubs. At the same time, the company’s main concern is to support any activities that promote the island of Crete, the arts, literature and poetry, as well as the local cultural heritage.

ΑΝΕΚ LINES is the only Greek coastal shipping company that has been operating continuously for 50 years keeping alive the vision of its founders for growth and ongoing improvement of services. The company that launched in 1967 with only one ship and just a few employees, is currently operating 10 vessels, serving 23 destinations and employing 900 crew and staff members.

Above all, however, ANEK is a Greek company that supports the Greek economy taking advantage of any available opportunity for promoting its home country in international tourism and trading exhibitions. All Company’s vessels are manned with Greek crews. Moreover, among the company’s main goals is to promote Cretan products and support exports from Grete. ΑΝΕΚ facilitates the transport of local products to Mainland Greece. At the same time, passengers enjoy true Greek “philoxenia” and Cretan products in all restaurants aboard.

Courage, creativity as well as love and passion for their homeland; these are the traits of the Cretan people that also fuel ANEK’s course towards innovation and top-level Greek entrepreneurship.

Sailing towards the future and aiming towards ongoing growth, ΑΝΕΚ LINES maintains its “Cretan soul” that never stops fighting for the best.

Milestones in ANEK’s 50-year course

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ANEK LINES establishment story
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ANEK LINES milestones in a 50 years course
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