Cosmopolitan and mysterious; medieval and modern; elegant and traditional. Born of the foam of the waves, a gift to the god Helios that always bathes the island with light. The land of the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of antiquity. The "Nymph of the Sun". The birthplace of Olympic champions and wise men of ancient Greece. A famous centre of rhetorics; an emblematic city of culture and art; a leader in maritime trade. The seat of the State of the Knights of St. John for more than two centuries. "The Emerald of the Mediterranean". One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world even since the Roman times.

With its dazzling diversity of landscapes and unprecedented multicultural heritage, the capital of the Dodecanese has dominated the south-eastern tip of the Aegean Sea for 2400 years, holding strong at the crossroads of the maritime routes between the West and the East. It is the meeting point of many different peoples and cultures that have left their mark all over the island: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, the Order of St. John, Ottomans and Italians. It is this osmosis that forged the culture of Rhodes. A mixture of the grandeur of ancient Greece, the chivalrous splendour, oriental exoticism and Italian elegance that distinguishes among all places in the Mediterranean and beyond.

The favourite island of the international jet-set; a prime destination for lovers of luxury and lush life, romantic travellers, lovers of history, culture, adventure and nature. Rhodes has a small piece of happiness for each one of its visitors. The picturesque alleys of the medieval Old Town with the Gothic palaces and minarets, the monumental buildings of the Italian occupation that adorn the New Town (Nea Poli). The extravagant ruins of ancient cities. The golden sandy beaches with turquoise waters. The medieval castles that dominate the rise at the top of rocks, the verdant valleys of vineyards, the pine forests in the alpine mountains with crystal-clear waters coming out of natural springs, the medieval villages of the hinterland with their magnificent mansions. The guardians of the island’s secrets, the Rhodians; always smiling and extroverted, with artistic traits and inherent goodness they make the journey to the Island of the Sun an irresistible experience.

  • view_headlineRoutes and sights in Rhodes

    Epic architecture, sacred ancient cities, medieval castles, traditional villages and natural monuments tempt you to explore the rhodian landscape.

    • Built by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the Old Town of Rhodes is the emblem of the island and one of the best preserved medieval castles in the world – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. The imposing walls and 11 doors create an atmospheric landscape that testifies to the multicultural identity of the city and excites imagination. The Palace of the Grand Master of Rhodes, the Street of the Knights lined with the inns of the Tongues of the Knights, the Municipal Gallery, the Lady of the Castle (Panagia tou Kastrou), the Clock Tower, the magnificent Mosque of Suleiman, the Turkish baths, the Gothic churches, the mysterious arcades, the paved squares. A living tale without end.
    • Outside the medieval walls, the New Town (Nea Poli) of Rhodes enchants the visitor thanks to its cosmopolitan aura. The area around Mandraki along the astounding coastal boulevard is a spectacular open-air museum of architectural monuments from the time of the Italian occupation. Admire the magnificent Government House, a replica of the Venetian Doge Palace, the Gothic Church of the Annunciation, the Town Hall, the National Theater, the art deco Aquarium, the New Agora as well as the legendary Albergo delle Rose hotel of the interwar period known as "The Dream of the Orient" (currently housing the Casino).
    • The port of Mandraki, the former naval base of Rhodes, is one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Where the gigantic Colossus of Rhodes stood are now two columns with the bronze statues of Elafos (stag) and Elafina (doe) the emblems of the island. At the end of the quay, the fortified lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos and three picturesque windmills are the finishing touch to an idyllic scenery.
    • On Monte Smith Hill, the impressive monumental ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes offer the best views to the city. Stroll through the beautifully restored Hellenistic stadium of Diagoras, and - just before sunset – visit the Temple of Apollo.
    • The famous village of Lindos still remains the most picturesque and majestic area on the island. A true Cycladic city with whitewashed houses, cobblestone alleys and superb captain's houses with arched entrances and painted ceilings, located in the shadow of the ancient fortified citadel and the Temple of Athena Lindia.
    • Built on the site of the ancient thermal baths, the famous thermal Baths of Kallithea constitute a remarkable 1929 architectural ensemble with art deco and Arab influences built by the Italian Pietro Lombardi. The courtyards paved with pebbles in the peristyle of the Rotunda with the white arches revive the past glory of Rhodes.
    • The famous and verdant Valley of Butterflies near the village of Theologos is a tropical paradise and one of the rarest habitats in Europe. Each summer, the area is flooded by millions of butterflies of the genus Panaxia Quadripunctaria creating dream images.
    • Beautiful beaches along the east coast. Vast golden beaches of fine sand with turquoise waters and idyllic bays in emerald colours. The lively beach of Elli (in the city), the famous beach of Faliraki, the green cove of Anthony Quinn, the beaches of Afandou, Tsampika, Agathi, Ladiko, Traganou, Lindos, Agios Pavlos, Kalithea, Kiotari, Gennadi, the beaches on the island of Prasonisi.
    • At the southern tip of Rhodes is Prasonisi's fairy island, full of pine trees. Depending on the tide it turns into an islet (in winter) and into a peninsula (in summer) that is connected to Rhodes by a narrow, 500 meters long strip of sand. The right side of the beach, battered by the wind, is a paradise for windsurfing enthusiasts.
    • Traditional ancestral villages, the true jewels of the Rhodesian countryside. The protected village of Koskinou with the famous gates (pyliones) of the colourful houses. Embonas, the wine-producing capital of Rhodes. The village of Arhaggelos, renowned for its pottery workshops, the local dialect and well-preserved traditions. The beautiful village of Kritinia with its historic castle.
    • Standing on a 326-meter-high cliff, the historic monastery of Panagia Tsambika, where "maternity miracles" take place, commands magnificent views to the great blue of the Aegean Sea.
  • view_headlineWhat’s not to miss…

    • Visit the magnificent Rhodes Archaeological Museum, housed in the magnificent gothic building of the Knights' of St. John and displaying important findings from the Mycenaean to the Hellenistic period.

    • Stroll through the impressive Rodini Park, a small valley of dazzling beauty with important monuments and the seat of the famous Rhodes Rhetorical School in antiquity.

    • Enjoy the delicious treasures of Rhodian gastronomy: soupiouzo (risotto with cuttlefish ink), pitaroudia (tomato dumplings or chickpea balls), roasted lamb with beans, melekounia (sesame bar), talagkoutes (honey and sesame pancakes).

    • Taste some fine wines from the Rhodian vineyards. It is said that Rhodes was the first island in the Aegean to cultivate vines and produce wine.

    • Drink Souma, the strong raki drink of Rhodes.

    • Buy souvenirs and local handcrafted items such as ceramic decorative plates, textiles, carpets, jewellery, Koriantolino drink and wines.

    • Enjoy the sunset from the top of the imposing Monolithos Castle, the castle of the eagles. Built in the 15th century by the Master D’ Aubusson and perched on a 236m-high rock, the castle commands magnificent views to the neighbouring island of Chalki.

    • Visit the hill of the Monastery of Panagia Filerimos to admire the superb Gothic ecclesiastical complex built by the Knights of St. John. Walk on the Via Crucis (Calvary), the stone path that leads to a giant 18m-high cross, the symbol of the hill.

    • Browse the impressive Hellenistic ruins of Kamiros, one of the three powerful city-states of Rhodes, known as the "Pompeii of Greece. "

    • Follow the stone path from the village of Salakos to the summit of Mount Profitis Ilias, lined with pine trees. Alpine beauty at 780 meters above sea level. Do not forget to visit the majestic chalets "Elafos" and "Elafina" which date back to the period of the Italian occupation.

    • Explore the aquatic paradise of "Epta Piges" and the tunnel that leads to the spectacular artificial lake with crystal clear waters and a small waterfall.

  • view_headlineTravelling to and from Rhodes

    Travel to and from Rhodes with ANEK LINES. Enjoy a comfortable journey with one of the leading passenger ferry operators in the Mediterranean.

    ΑΝΕΚ connects Piraeus and other popular destinations with Rhodes through the Cyclades, Crete and Dodecanese route (Piraeus, Milos, Santorini, Anafi, Heraklion, Sitia, Kassos, Karpathos, Diafani, Halki, Rhodes) with port-to- port itineraries. The company offers top quality services and authentic Cretan “philoxenia” on board.

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  • view_headlineArriving at Rhodes

    ANEK LINES ferries arrive at the port of Rhodes, at the northern tip of the island. From here you can reach various destinations on the island by bus or taxi. Buses ran by "RODA" Municipal Transport Company serve urban, suburban and interurban areas on the western side of the island. Rhodes intercity buses (KTEL) serve areas on the eastern side of the island. The taxi stand is in Mandraki.

    Rhodes is ideal for travelling by car thanks to its extensive road network that connects all villages of the island. ANEK LINES offers reliable and value for money transportation services so you can take along your own car, motorcycle, trailer or caravan and enjoy unique trips around Rhodes.

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    ΑΝΕΚ LINES - Central Reservation Dept.: 0030 210 4197400, 0030 210 4197420 SKEVOS Travel (Rhodes): 0030 22410 22461 Rhodes Port Authority: 0030 22410 22220 Rhodes Municipality (help desk): 0030 22410 35945 Rhodes Police Department: 0030 22410 23849 Rhodes Tourist Police: 0030 22410 27423 Rhodes Hospital: 0030 22410 80000 “RODA” Municipal Transport Service: 0030 22410 26300 Rhodes Intercity Buses: 0030 22410 27706 Rhodes Radiotaxi: 0030 22410 69800 (Rhodes town), 0030 22410 69600 (off-town)


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