ANEK LINES puts its people-oriented philosophy into practice through sponsorships, effectively and actively supporting a series of events and actions, cultural and environmental initiatives, social needs and sports activities. Below is a short presentation of ANEK’s sponsorships, in Crete and throughout Greece.


    It was a great honour for ANEK LINES to sponsor the homage to Mikis Theodorakis, the “Man, Author, Musician, Politician, Cretan”.

    A tribute to Mikis who was born to be “great”; he had a “fabulous” life, sharing it between music and the struggle for mankind. He’s put his mark on our country, he sealed the history of music and the universal movement as few others.

    “He mapped the soul” of our people, their passions, their anxieties and hopes, their feelings in advocating love through pain and loneliness. He was fought against the violence and sirens of “power” without fear of political or personal cost by remaining an “eternal revolt.”

    The program of events included an International Conference at the Cultural Centre of Chania, organized by the Prefecture of Chania, in cooperation with the Greek Parliament and the Association of Prefectures of Greece. Also, a traditional Cretan festivity in Galatas, the birthplace of the composer on his birthday. And of course, the Grand Concert, sponsored by ANEK LINES at the National Stadium in Chania. In the concert titled “Come Celebrate Mikis”, the lyrics were read by Giorgos Kimoulis and his immortal songs were sung by Giorgos Dalaras, Nena Venetsanou, Dimitris Basis, Maria Dimitriadi, Sonia Theodoridou and Giorgos Theodorakis. Hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds joined the event

  • view_headlineCHANIA NAUTICAL CLUB

    The CNC is one of the strongest sports clubs in Greece. The CNC’s Water polo Team is always ready to compete and win. In 2016, ANEK LINES CNC Men’s team won the bronze medal in the Men’s A2 category, while the women’s team was promoted to A2 category A CNC athlete joined the National Juniors team in the Balkan water polo games winning the silver medal. Active since 1933, the CNC is one of the strongest clubs in Greece and perhaps the strongest in the region, judging by the sports it develops, its facilities and schools for children aged 4-10, and its performance in national and international events. Its popular water polo section includes athletes and teams of all categories: Mini Kids, Kids, Juniors, Young Men, Male A2, Girls, Young Women and Women A2. The difficulties are not lacking. The CNC competes since 2001 with the sponsorship of ANEK LINES.

    Apart from its Water Polo team, CNC also has Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Technical swimming, Canoe Kayak, Sailing and Diving teams. It has Special Sports teams, and in the framework of its contribution to society, the CNC runs a Lifeguard section.

    The Club’s goal is to keep its teams within the national league and to establish its presence in the European sports arena. In this way, it turns out that when “the small” dare, with perseverance, competitiveness, schedule, method and, above all, hard work, they can achieve everything.

    Chania Nautical Club Website: www.nox.gr

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    Sports – Culture – Education – Environment – Society

    Through its sponsorships, ANEK LINES embraces and supports associations and institutions involved in sports, culture, education and the environment. Since its establishment, ANEK LINES has been promoting the visions and aspirations of hundreds of sponsored entities by opening new roads beyond the borders of their island.


    • Footballers (Chania Sports Club, KISSAMIKOS, EPISKOPI) Basketball players (Association of Basketball Clubs of Crete), fencing players (Fencing Association of Chania), martial arts athletes (S. Kagiales, Kourites, Kavros …), tennis players (Chania Tennis Club, Sitia Tennis Club) sailing athletes (Sailing Club of Chania, Sailing Club of Heraklion), water sports (Rethymno Nautical Club) and track and field athletes all travel towards… victory with ANEK LINES. At the same time, the Company regularly sponsors the UniLeague (Pan-Hellenic Students’ Championship), Historical Vehicle races (SIPAK -Association of Historical Vehicle Owners of Crete), vintage motorcycles and Vespas races, but also extreme sports such as bungy jumping (LIQUID BUNGY)

    • By promoting arts and culture, ANEK LINES helped associations that supported the Cretan heritage (Cultural Association of Chania “To Rodon”, “O Psiloritis” and others), theatre groups (“Avlaia” Group, Kou-Klotheatro Kritis), artistic events (1st Mediterranean Film Festival …), films (Dolphin Man-To taxidi tis Trofis), and high-quality television series (To Nisi / The Island).

    • Also, ANEK LINES, sponsored the “Ecumenical Hellenism” program for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles.

    • ANEK LINES supported the edition of a collection CD with the voice of Eleftherios Venizelos in cooperation with the Lamprakis Press Group.

    • Each year, ANEK LINES helps thousands of Cretans and friends of Crete to meet on its ships where their most important activities take place (PAGKRITIOS – Panhellenic Federation of Cretan Cultural Associations).

    • ANEK LINES supports education and training and is proud of the success of Cretan youth in Math, Physics and  Robotics competitions. Also, ANEK LINES is constantly sponsoring several scientific conferences and healthy activities of students such as the UniLeague and important actions such as the “Movement of Young Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Chania – BEST”.

    • Protecting the environment ANΕΚ LINES supports the preparation of the Apokoronas Scuba Park, helps to transport wild animals of the Museum of Natural History of Crete, supports the programs of Archelon – Association for Protection of Marine Tortoise and MEDASSET – Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles …

    • ANEK LINES supports people and society through actions involving “The Smile of the Child”, “Horizon”, ELEPAP (Rehabilitation for The Disabled) and KIFAMEA (Day Care and Employment Centre for Persons with Disabilities) and the ” I Read for Others Network” while it supports the vision and actions of the children of the Hatzikonstas Foundation.

    • ANEK LINES also contributes significantly by transporting doctors and medical units to remote areas (Doctors without Borders” and “Doctors of the World”.

    • ANEK LINES funded the Renal Dialysis Unit of Chania Hospital.

    • ANEK LINES constantly supplies products to the Metropolis of Cydonia and Apokoronas as well as to non-profit charitable organizations such as Herakleion Social Care unit (Kinoniki Merimna)

    • By cooperating with “Agios Ioannis” Volunteer Association of Blood Donors in Chania Prefecture, ANEK LINES organizes blood and bone marrow donations on board its ships and in its premises.

    ANEK LINES has contributed to the cultural, intellectual and tourist promotion of the prefecture of Chania and Crete and its name is closely linked to the island! Its essential element is “… to be useful, beneficial and effective for the society in which we live and work”. ANEK LINES keeps participating and supporting the needs of its homeland, setting sail towards the future.

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