ANEK LINES puts its people-oriented philosophy into practice through sponsorships, effectively and actively supporting a series of events and actions, cultural and environmental initiatives, social needs and sports activities. Below is a short presentation of ANEK’s sponsorships, in Crete and throughout Greece.


    Considering the utmost importance of maintaining and protecting the natural environment of Crete, ANEK LINES has supported the implementation of the project titled “Conservation actions gypaetus barbatus and biodiversity in Crete”, carried out by the Crete’s Natural History Museum.

    This project includes actions towards the protection of the natural environment in general, which is a prerequisite for the survival of the bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), that is currently considered as the rarest vulture in the country and the Balkans in general, with its population found only in Crete. In 2002, at the beginning of the project, the bearded vulture population numbered only two breeding pairs.

    In 2017, after continued efforts to protect this species, the number of breeding pairs reached seven, and is estimated to rise to 10 in Crete!

    Further to the above project, ANEK LINES also funds various actions carried out by Crete’s Natural History Museum. The museum’s halls cover a surface of 4,000 square meters and host the largest exhibition in the Mediterranean on the environment, with visitors coming from Greece and from all over the world. ANEK provides free transportation of injured wild animals, from Crete to animal care centres and also undertakes their journey back to their home island, where they are released into the wild. In addition, as a transport partner, ANEK contributes each year to the research and training activities carried out by the Museum.

    Website of the Natural History Museum of Crete: www.nhmc.uoc.gr

  • view_headlineChania Nautical Club – Canoe Kayak

    Concentration on the goals, responsible work, and love for sports contributed to the development of the Canoe and Kayak section of Chania Nautical Club that launched in 1995. Things were very difficult in the beginning. However, once the first medal was won in 2003, the team took a one-way road to the top of the rank. Since 2005 it has won eleven championships, the last one being in 2016.
    Taking one good step at a time, the Canoe Kayak club managed to meet is goals and also include an SUP team (standup paddleboarding), and – in cooperation with the Special Olympics – it also runs training courses for children with mental disabilities. Spending time with other children in the Canoe Kayak Club and working out together has helped children with disabilities, and has filled everyone’s soul with joy and pride.
    Thanks to their strong efforts and hard work the club has managed to become one of the top sports club in Greece. The next goal is to organize a Canoe club and to further participate in international events abroad. ANEK LINES has participated in this effort since day one, and is actively sponsoring the club since 2000. The Canoe Kayak club company is steadily rowing its way to the top having ANEK as a proud sponsor on its side.

    Chania Nautical Club – Canoe Kayak Website: www.nox.gr/category/tmimata/kanoe-kagiak


    The Innovators

    Since 2007, students, professors and staff at the Technical University of Crete have combined their knowledge, inventiveness and spirit of innovation, forming the TUCER (Technical University of Crete Eco Racing) research team. The group focuses on the development of zero emission vehicles, achieving outstanding results. The team has won six trophies in ten years and, each time, is ranking among the top five teams in Europe. It is the only participation of a Greek university in the Urban Hydrogen Vehicles (Urban Concept) category. The most recent recognition was in 2017, in London, with the First Prize for Vehicle Safety, for the application of excellent and innovative safety systems. The team has repeated its success of 2016, that was also in London. Previously, the team has won First Prize for Energy Challenge and First Prize in 2013, in Rotterdam, among 183 competitors. TUCER came first leaving behind prestigious universities such as Oxford. On the EUROSPEEDWAY track in Germany, the team won First Prize for the second year in a row at the 2011 Safety Competition. How do they manage to present new innovative systems in the automotive sector with limited resources and even without direct partnerships in such a competitive and highly specialized technological sector? “Thanks to the dedication and constant volunteering of its members, designing and building everything within our laboratories and, of course, with the important contribution of sponsors like ANEK LINES, that has been funding the team since the beginning and is actively participating in the team’s journey. Through its funding, ANEK offers significant support and the fuel that the team needs to continue on its course towards distinction and the provision of high-level training for engineers in our Faculty”. The team’s plans for the near future evolve around the development of autonomous navigation technologies. This great goal is already being implemented on a previous vehicle built by the team that is following the trend towards the future of automobiles and enhancing the experience of unmanned vehicles.

    Website: www.tucer.tuc.gr


    The Minoan ship is now linked to ANEK LINES, whose ships travel on the same ancestral maritime routes as successors of the ancient Minoan ship and of the Minoan civilization as a whole. It was in 2004 when an ancient ship sailed into the port of Chania. It seemed as if she was coming from another era. The Minoan ship was there once again, 3500 after the Minoans who used her to spread their civilization to the entire world.

    Her launch was spectacular in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic Kostis Stephanopoulos who gave her the name MINOA. The ship set sail after an emotional ceremony and the 24 volunteer oarsmen travelled a distance of 210 nautical miles to Piraeus.

    The reconstruction lasted 4 years and was carried out by the Maritime Museum of Crete with the cooperation of the scientific team of the Ancient Shipbuilding and Technology Research Institute NAVDOMO. MINOA accompanied the trire that carried the Olympic flame of the 2004 Olympic Games.

    The reconstruction of the Minoan Ship is attracting the interest of the Greek and international public through its innovative character. ANEK LINES is the first GRAND SPONSOR of the MINOA reconstruction program. After 3500 years, the Cretans saw their ship carrying their visions.

    ANEK LINES was the proud Grand Sponsor of this bold and difficult project.


    A few years ago, in Chania, a group of cycling enthusiasts decided that they were able and willing to offer something more to the community by forming a cycling company. In August 1989, they founded “TALOS” cycling club, with the aim of introducing the sport to the local community and the ambition to bring the club to the forefront of the country’s major cycling clubs.

    Three years after the establishment of “TALOS”, the team began to realize its goals. The company won the Greek junior championship (1992) and since then, numerous successful appearances have quickly pushed Chania’s cycling company among the top clubs in the country.

    With the help of ANEK, its gold sponsor, TALOS is “speeding away”, collecting medals.

    In 2016, the team won first place for the sixth consecutive year in the Greek cycling club league, and counted nine victories in its history. This was also the 20th time that the club ranked among the top three clubs.

    With the goal of staying at the top of Greek cycling, Talos athletes aim to compete in most races in Greece and abroad, hoping to make this sport known to the wider community of Chania, the club’s hometown.

    Amid the economic crisis, the team has managed to participate in dozens of races in Greece and abroad, while the club’s schools in Chania and Akrotiri provide top quality service in order to cultivate and develop this sport.

    ANEK LINES has stood by TALOS throughout its recent course and demonstrates its interest towards the club ensuring safe and secure transport for athletes who keep making astonishing appearances both in Greece and in the Balkans, Europe and internationally.

    TALOS ANEK LINES Website: www.talosteam.gr

  • view_headlineRECYCLING CENTER

    ΑΝΕΚ LINES is the first shipping company in Greece and Europe to actively participate in the protection of the environment with conscience and social responsibility by supporting the Integrated Centers for Rewarding Recycling. ANEK LINES supported the first Integrated Centre of Rewarding Recycling in the port of Piraeus in collaboration with TEXAN – Environmental Management.

    All visitors to the Recycling Centre can recycle plastic, glass and aluminum packaging, plastic bags, small electrical and electronic devices such as mobile phones and batteries on a 24h basis. They may win gifts (free coupons in affiliated supermarkets) or contribute with the corresponding amount to the Smile of the Child.

    However, ANEK LINES is convinced that the greatest benefit of recycling involves nature itself: thousands of trees escape deforestation, several tons of oil and bauxite are saved, Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, electricity consumption is cut down and less sand is taken from the wetlands for glass manufacture.

    284.238 plastic packaging items or 14.211,90 kg of plastic!
    223.175 aluminium packaging items or 3.347,63 kg of aluminium!
    74.806 glass packages or 21.319,71 kg of glass!
    117,05 kg of batteries!
    1.016 small electrical and electronic appliances!

  • view_headlineCHANIA PLATANIAS FC

    ANEK is the main sponsor of Platanias FC since 2012, the year of many successes for the team of Chania who has made its way into the Greek Super League.

    Starting out as Iardanos sports club (named after the river that runs through its hometown), Platanias Chania Sports Club was established in 1931 by Antonis Varouxakis and has since made a long journey full of history and milestone wins that led to the formation of Platanias FC, the team with the white and red kit.

    Even the kit colours were not randomly chosen. They were “picked” in 1942, in the heart of German occupation, when the local women sewed the red jersey out of stolen German flags.

    Today, Platanias FC greatest achievement is the team’s presence in the Greek Superleague (2012). Every season in the Superleague is a challenge for our agents, coaches and players, and everyone’s goal is to remain in the Superleague. Further to ranking, good performance and positive results, this team is also aiming higher. Everyone’s main priority is to see Platanias honouring Greek football with a fair play practices, ethics and good performances.

    Website: www.fcplatanias.gr


    A group of classical sports enthusiasts founded the club in 1976. The track and field section was the first to operate. In 1981 the association dissolves and re-opens in 1994, the year that marked the beginning of a golden era, achieving a spectacular come-back. Since 2009 its athletes have never stepped down from the podium. The club ranks first among 315 athletic associations. It is actually the first time that a small-town club achieves such position, according to official rankings since 1897. There is no precedent to the club’s performance. Never again has a small club with only twenty years of experience achieved such distinctions in track and field: medals won in 49 Greek championships, 5 participations in European events, 416 national wins, 13 national records, more than 40 medals in international events and participation in 6 Olympic Games, (including Rio 2016).

    The club always values its induction groups and mass participation of children in all sports.

    ANEK LINES has contributed in its own way in all above accomplishments as the official sponsor of the “Eleftherios Venizelos” Athletics Club since 1998.

    This Club is known not only for its wins and medals, but also for successfully hosting events, such as the International Track and Field Meetings in Chania.

    ” ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS” ATHLETICS CLUB Website www.elvenizelos-ac.gr


    In 1973, on the initiative of the great Greek actor Alexis Minotis and the cooperation of an enthusiastic group of Cretans, the Crete Theatre Company was created by implementing the vision of founding a theatre institution in Crete and to relaunch the Cretan Renaissance Theatre. In 1986 the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete begins operating in Chania. Since summer 2003, ANEK LINES is the Gold Sponsor of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete. The sponsorship began with the masterful work “The Imaginary Invalid” by Molière with actor Giorgos Partsalakis who was glorified by the spectators at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

    Many theatrical performances of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete have travelled to Greece, Cyprus and Brussels, such as “Erotokritos”, “Erofili”, “Captain Michalis”, “Report to Greco”, the “Servant of two masters ” and ” The Birds” (Ornithes).

    The Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete has every reason to be proud of its excellent performances and its participation in important festivals and artistic events that promote the cultural identity of Crete.

    The most important moments of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete were the creation of its children’s workshop in 2004 and its experimental amateur stage in 2007. Also, tributes to outstanding Greek actors such as Katrakis, Minotis and others. The multi-faceted nature of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete is also present in its social events (in prisons, retirement homes etc.) and interactive children’s rooms in several schools.

    Website of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete: www.dipethekritis.gr


    It was a privilege for ANEK LINES as a sponsor to “travel” with the unique and sublime melodies of Haris Alexiou through the remastering and repackaging of 16 of her albums.

    In the historic Studio C of Hellenic Radio, Alexiou’s friends and companions on this fascinating journey into Greek music had the chance to enjoy a musical flashback during a unique event sponsored by ANEK LINES.

    Haris Alexiou managed to achieve something very difficult: each new album was better than the previous one. Her “Songs of Yesterday” are still sang today with the same passion.

    ANEK LINES is taking us to several destinations in Greece and Italy but Haris Alexiou, Greece’s “Haroula”, has the privilege of lifting one’s spirit “To the End of the Sky” [“Os tin Akri tou Ouranou”], dancing to the rhythm of “Nefeli’s Tango” [“To Tango tis Nefelis”], under a “Strange Light” [“Parakseno Fos”]. Her “Love Games” [“Pechnidia tis Agapis”] are unique, magical and classic.

    All 16 albums come from Haris Alexiou’s  cooperation with ΜΙΝΟS EMI and include the following songs: “12 Laika Tragoudia”, “Laikes Kyriakes”, “Haris Alexiou 2”, “24+1 Tragoudia”, “Ksimeronei”, “Ta Tragoudia Tis Gis Mou”, “Ta Tragoudia Tis Htesinis Meras”, “I Zoi Mou Kyklous Kanei”, “Ta Tsilika”, “Emfilios Erotas”, “I Agapi Einai Zali”, “I Haris Alexiou Se Aprovlepta Tragoudia” “I Nihta Thelei Erota”, “Krataei Hronia Afti I Kolonia”, “I Alexiou Tragoudaei Hatzi”, “I Diki Mas Nihta”.

    ANEK LINES participated in this long-waited remastering and repackaging and therefore feels the joy of having given younger generations a chance to listen, sing, dance and fall in love with Haroula’s sensual voice.

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