ANEK LINES, established 50 years ago as the product of a common effort made by everyday men from Crete, stands constantly by society and offers its help to anyone in need. With responsibility and credibility the company is long now contributing towards society, through large-scale environmental, athletic and cultural sponsorships, supporting foundations as well as social and charity institutions, encouraging all efforts made towards the preservation of Crete’s cultural heritage and the promotion of the land’s history and culture.

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The company’s sponsoring activities are diversified:


• Acknowledging the significant effort made towards reviving the Minoan civilization, ΑΝΕΚ LINES was the first Grand Sponsor in the reconstruction of the Minoan Ship, to set sail after 3,500 years in the framework of the 2004 Olympic Games, as a symbol of civilization and of today’s vision.

• As the Grand Sponsor, ΑΝΕΚ LINES supports the long cultural contribution of the Regional Theatre of the Municipalities of Crete (DIPETHEK Crete), which, against all expectations, insists on staging exceptional, quality theatrical plays.

• Thanks to ANEK LINES sponsorship, a valuable collection of Greek discography consisting of 16 albums by Charoula Alexiou, was remastered & repackaged, offering the Greek audience the chance to listen to melodies and lyrics that once spoke to our heart and soul.


• Highly valuing the need for preserving and rescuing the natural environment, ΑΝΕΚ has been the Grand Sponsor of the project titled: “Conservation Actions for Gypaetus Barbatus and Biodiversity in Crete” co-funded by DG Environment of the European Commission (LIFE for Natura 2002) in co-operation with Crete’s Natural History Museum.

• ANEK LINES is the first Shipping Company in Greece and Europe to support an Integrated Program for Rewarding Recycling. The company undertook the exclusive sponsorship of the Integrated Centre for Rewarding Recycling on the Port of Piraeus, giving many of its passengers the chance to actively contribute towards the protection of the environment.


• A proud sponsor of Chania’s PLATANIAS F.C. which is lately confirming its worth by scoring in the Greek Superleague.

• A Gold Sponsor of “TALOS – ΑΝΕΚ LINES” Cycling team that has worked hard and systematically to win the title of the top Greek cycling team.

• The Official Sponsor of the awarded Chania Nautical Club-Canoe Kayak that holds top position in its league. ANEK is also the Grand Sponsor of Chania Nautical Club Water polo team.

• ΑΝΕΚ LINES is the grand sponsor of “Athletics Club El.Venizelos”, that holds top position in National and International events thanks to the repeat successful appearances of its athletes in track & field.

Academic Institutions  – Education – Conferences

ANEK LINES is the Grand Sponsor of the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CRETE and, specifically, the “T.U.C ECO RACING” team that has achieved significant international ranking in the Shell Eco Marathon fuel saving competitions. The company is also providing assistance in many scientific conferences, workshops, Math competitions, school events etc.


With a feeling of responsibility, ΑΝΕΚ LINES stands close both to individuals in need as well as to associations and charity institutions, such as “The Smile of the Child”, “Horizon” Association for Voluntary Support, “ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled”, “K.I.F.A.AMEA (Day Care Centre and Employment of Persons with Disabilities), etc.

ANEK LINES continuous its ongoing support to public benefit institutions and bodies such as the Nursery School operated by “Heraklion Social Welfare” Women’s Association (Koinoniki Merimna Irakleiou), Kydonias & Apokoronou Cathedral, etc….

Voluntary Blood Donation

Every year, ΑΝΕΚ LINES holds voluntary blood donation events at the company’s Offices as well as on board its ships. All Company’s employees, crews and fellow citizens embrace these events with sensitivity.

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